UFC TUF 26 Finale: Montaño vs. Modafferi



Fabian with a nice knee then elbow to fight off the clinch. Fabian looking to strike from distance.

Bennett with a nice body kick. Fabian with a sweet counter lead elbow.

Bennett finally gets her down. I don't think it was a knockdown, it was more an off balance Fabian from a kick. Bennet gets on top with a bit of ground and pound at the buzzer.

I've scored the fight 28-28. Bennett might get the win on the back of the end of the third, but I feel Fabian should win the fight. I'm extremely conflicted.

Official decision. First time the judges have been called upon tonight. 29-27 Bennett 28-28 and 28-28 from the other scorecards. A majority draw. The fence grab cost Fabian dearly.

The late knockdown was a leg kick on the planted leg as Fabian threw a high kick. Disappointing fight. Bennett is better than that, and Fabian showed a lot.

We've got Eric Spicely vs. Gerald Meerschaert at middleweight next. Spicely's last fight was one of the best jiu-jitsu fights in UFC history, but he lost to Antonio Carlos Junior. As a BJJ mark, that fight was amazing. Meerschaert won his first two UFC bouts and was riding a seven fight win streak, till Thiago Santos knocked him out at UFC 213.

Spicely vs. Meerschaert. Meerschaert comes in as a -185 favourite. Referee is Herb Dean. Fight is on!

Nice right hand from Spicely round the guard. Meerschaert with a big body kick and a left hand. He's teeing off right now as Spicely tries to avoid the rush. Spicely lands one and eventually escapes. Looks for a takedown and gets on his back.

Spicely immediately gets the body triangle. Picking shots on the side of the head, fishing for a choke.