UFC TUF 26 Finale: Montaño vs. Modafferi



Murphy again with the right hand. Fight is breaking down a little. Lauren's corner warns Honchak will be looking for a takedown to close the round.

Honchak lands a good right to close out the round, but 10-9 Murphy definitely. Good fight so far.

Round 2. Honchak opens with a couple of leg kicks. Murphy continuing to try and find a home for the right.

Honchak controling distance better with kicks in this round. Nice adjustment. Murphy has a high kick blocked.

Honchak with a beautiful 1-2 and Murphy staggers temporarily. She got her feet back so quickly I'm not sure Honchak noticed.

Another nice 1-2 from Honchak. Murphy still having moments, but Honchak starting to take control. Murphy with a nice overhand right.

Murphy with a nice right hook. This is a quality display of face punching.

Murphy with a nice counter right. Comes forward with a high kick that's blocked. Honchak has gone away from the kicks a little, and it's allowed Lauren to get back into the round.

Murphy shoots a double leg and gets her down. Honchak stands and Murphy gets on the back with a hook. This should still be a Barb round, but Lauren has made a case.

Murphy wrestled her down and looks for an armbar, but Honchak gets on top and isn't under any threat. Good fight. I've got 10-9 Honchak and 19-19 overall.