Few specks of rain about at Adelaide. Broad still short and too wide. This has been awful from England. Not making the Aussies get forward enough or play enough.

71% short deliveries by England so far.

Broad around the wicket to Warner.

3 off. Broad better around the wicket to Warner. Tight leave to finish the over. 8/0 Bancroft 4 Warner 4

Anderson to Bancroft.

Not sure what is up with Anderson. He's bowling miles too short.

England slow in the field. Too many quick singles allowed for my liking. 1 off. 9/0 Bancroft 5 Warner 4

Seldom any lateral movement. Mix that with England's poor lengths so far and this already looking worrying for England.

Too many push and ones. England need to be tighter on the ones here. Good from Bancroft but we need to be tighter.

More crap from England's bowlers. 3 off. Too short. Australia looking very comfortable. 12/0 Bancroft 6 Warner 6