Jeez I got up especially for this. This already looks like being a long day. Root must already been thinking that he's probably not made the right choice in not batting first. No movement.

2 off. Australia continue to look very comfortable. 23/0 Bancroft 8 Warner 15

Rain has got too hard and we're off for a delay.

Get the feeling this is just a passing shower. Very breezy so I expect to pass relatively quickly.

Well this been utterly awful from England. Lengths all wrong. 3.3% in the full area, 33.3% in the good area but 63.3% short bowling by England. Says it all. No seam movement really but England haven't helped themselves.

Covers coming off.

Depressing stat:

Woakes to Warner. We resume.

FOUR - Floaty half volley and driven through cover by Warner. Least it's full I guess. Just a bit too full.

6 off. 29/0 Bancroft 8 Warner 20