Broad back into the attack, switching ends.

Reminder for you all that as this is a day/night test the first break brings tea not lunch like normal so just a 20 minute break. Broad around the wicket to Warner, holds its line, Warner unsure whether to leave, off the bat and short of slip. Movement to Bancroft but too short and wide to have any positive effect.

Too many drop and runs. Australia rotating the strike far too easily. England need to be tighter on the ones.

Better lengths from Broad. Got one to Warner to just shape away from a full-ish length. 31/0 Bancroft 9 Warner 21

Yet another drop and run from Bancroft. Too easy Root, block that option!

Pretty dark at Adelaide, floodlights on. Still too short from Woakes. Seldom any movement for England. Already looking an awful call to bowl first. More rain. Another delay.

This looks heavier than the first shower on first look.

Reminder of the schedule for today. UK times in brackets. 14.00 (3:30am) Tea 16.00-16.20 (5:30-5:50am) Dinner 18.20-19.00 (7:50-8:30am) Close 21.00 (10:30am)

It's raining and it's Australia so of course Weather With You by Crowded House is playing over the tannoy at Adelaide. It'll be a slightly longer delay this so they're showing highlights of happier times for England from 2010/11 in Adelaide when we had Australia 2/3. Ah, when England were a good team. Good times.

If you need cheering up here's a piece I wrote on happier Ashes tours for England: