I'm afraid it's apparent that I'm awake. Cheers for that early stint Thomas. What a veritable hotbed of excitement I've woken up to hey? I'm @aidanleape, here to take you through the evening session (I guess) of this Day/Night Test. It's still raining though. Tea was taken early, so we were set to get back underway...well...about now. But it's still wetting it down I'm afraid.

We were apparently just about all set to get going again in Adelaide. And then the rain came again. And so the covers came. And so you're stuck here with me trying to scrape a bit of content together. I'll let the music do some of the legwork.

Still wetting it down, and no sense that the covers are on the move. Get up early they said. Summertime in Australia they said. A good chance for England they said. Tell you one thing they were right about. People kept saying that Adelaide are the closest to 'English conditions', which is becoming abundantly clear.

Right then. Play scheduled to start again at 4.45pm local time. Which for us is... wait a minute, bit of rudimentary maths... I THINK it means 6:15am over here in the UK. They're 10.5 hours in front. Naturally. So, if it doesn't rain again, this is your 15 minute warning. We might just get some sport shortly...

Righty. Some more maths to give you the updated session times: Evening Session is now 6:15-8:40am 40 minutes for dinner Night Session is now 9:20-11:30am. That could be totally wrong. It's far too early for maths.

Lots of complaints early on about England bowling too short in the play that we've seen. Just seen some of the highlights, and I have to say, having not been bastardised and having the same repetitive thoughts shoved down my guzzle from the BT Sport Team, it doesn't actually look THAT bad. Half an inch forward perhaps, but nowt that cant be resolved.

One ball left of the 14th over to bowl. It's going to be Chris Woakes to trundle in. Good length. Good leave from Cam Bancroft. 14 overs gone. 33/0

Over 15 our first full compliment then. Stuart Broad with ball in hand to David Warner.


WHAT AN ABSOLUTE HASH. AND IT'S GORGEOUS. Warner with a shot that doesn't clear the square really. Smothered by Alli at short cover. Never a run in a million years, but Bancroft is inexplicably backing up, and finds himself half way down the wicket. The ball drops to Woakes, who takes his time, takes aim, and fires. Direct hit. Bancroft back in the hutch. 33-1