Rugby L


Oh my, hello! It's only the bloody World Cup Final. Can England end 45 years of hurt? Will Australia continue their domination? I'm @MikeMeehallWood and I'll be here til the bitter end.

We're onto anthems! Australia is being advanced fairly enough.

All the formalities are over, we're just about ready to get going.

0' We're off! As RuPaul might say - don't fuck it up.

2' Decent sets swapped, nothing much to report of yet.

4' See 2 minutes. Very attritional at the moment, all in the forwards.

6' Aussies just about shading field position - but good English defence forces a kick early in the tackle count from Cameron Smith and Widdop trucks it back to halfway.

6' And Luke Gale drops the ball. Not fantastic.

7' Cronk with a dangerous kick, Widdop does well to get there and stay in the field of play.

8' Gale kicks a full 70m, over everyone and it holds up in goal too. What a kick.