Manchester United



Good evening everyone! Saturday evening Premier League action for you, and it’s a big one - Arsenal v Manchester United. @Ugster1 with you for it.

OK, it’s not the titanic clash it used to be a few years ago, but there’s still plenty at stake as regards the top four - and of course Wenger v Mourinho, with a smattering of Ozil to United in the background.

12 straight home Premier League wins for Arsenal, would love to make that 13. United four points ahead of Arsenal, will be desperate to keep the pressure on city rivals, er, City.

I’m afraid to report that just when you though Jose couldn’t be any more of a tool, he’s wearing a black turtle neck jumper, a la a French philosopher from the 70s. At least that what he’d like to think. Looks more like Alan Partridge in the Travel Tavern, which is appropriate I suppose.

Right, to the team news. No changes from the starting 11s from midweek, which is rather a surprise as Lacazette and Matic were both expected to miss out. Some early mind games, perhaps?

The Arsenal line up:

And United (click on the pic for the full details):

So, two strong looking teams, two managers that won’t be exchanging Christmas cards, and top four spots to play for. Kick off in ten minutes or so.

Here we go then, a functional handshake between the managers, teams swap ends as United try some mind games of their own. Arsenal will kick off, towards the North Bank. And we’re off...

(3’) - First corner for United after a block by Koscielny from a Young cross. Important block, poor corner. Otherwise, steady start for both sides.