Miguel Cotto vs Sadam Ali



Hello ladies and gents. Tonight it is the end of the boxing road for a modern day legend as Miguel Cotto makes the final stop of his glittering career as he defends the WBO light middleweight title against Sadam Ali at Madison Square Garden. I'm Alistair Sargent and I'll describe the action as Cotto makes his final stand. Cue the music

Before we get to Miguel though we're going to focus on our chief support act for the evening. Mexico's unbeaten WBC super-bantamweight champion Rey Vargas defending his belt against fellow undefeated challenger Oscar Negrete. Should be a cracking fight to warm us up. Boxers in the ring.

Ref gives his final instructions to both men. And away we go. WBC super-bantamweight title on the line. Rey Vargas vs Oscar Negrete

Rnd 1: Vargas has a significant height advantage year, what a beanpole this guy is! Establishing his range early reaching out with the long-left jab. Negrete trying to get inside but Vargas displaying good foot work to back up as Negrete comes forward. Vargas straight right jab to the chest then left hook to the ribs

Vargas trebles up the left hook to the ribs. Beating Negrete to the punch largely here, not surprising given the vast reach advantage. End of the first, and it's a round for the champion Vargas.

Rnd 2: Fairly quiet round with Vargas keeping the fight at distance, loading up his shots any time Negrete tries to close the distance. When Negrete closes the range he has been busy but Vargas has quickly shut down any offensive action he has made. Body shots from Vargas doing a bit of damage and Negrete is breathing deeply as that round ends. 20-18 for Vargas

Rnd 3: Vargas teeing off a bit early in this round. Long left hand jab snapping the neck of Negrete and a hook to the head has the challenger shaking his head. Punishing right to the body from Vargas before Negrete gets inside and releases a few glancing blows. Vargas goes to the seat of his pants but it's just a slip

Negrete lands a good over the top right as he ducks down and slides under the jab. Good shot. Vargas with a right uppercut close to the bell that Negrete mostly takes on the guard. So difficult for Negrete to find his way inside the Vargas jab and even then he has his work cut out to do any damage in there. Another Vargas round. 30-27

Rnd 4: Vargas is busy as well as rangy. Lands a right to the body but Negrete takes the opportunity to walk through this shot and land body shots of his own before trying to rough Vargas up in close. Vargas doesn't like that and looks to the referee with a complaining glance.

Pace drops slightly in to the second part of this round, Vargas with a right uppercut but Negrete is able to suck these shots up just now. Left to the body from Vargas but Negrete immediately responds with a left and right to the body himself. Closer round but Vargas still doing enough. 40-36 shut-out for the champion after 4 rounds.