Cook with a flick off his pads to get three, he is beaten all ends up though previously in the over. I certainly wouldn't fancy facing Starc in this light. Misfield from Cummins allows Stoneman to get 2. 5 off the over. England 17/0. 5 overs survived, 23 to go

First boundary for Cook, a trademark flick off the pads. Positive shot from Stoneman this time over gully for 4 and more runs! Stoneman drives this time for 2. 11 off the over. 28/0. Cook 10, Stoneman 18.

REVIEW! Stoneman has been given out LBW, looks dead to me but let's see

OUT! Three reds. Stoneman goes after a positive start. LBW to Starc for 18. England 29/1

That was the final ball of the 7th over. James Vince is the new man. Hazlewood to continue

Maiden from Hazlewood. 29/1

Starc continues, Vince plays out a maiden with the first six balls he has faced. 29/1 (9). 19 overs left tonight, play can continue until 11.10am UK time.

First change for Australia, Pat Cummins is on.

Huge appeal for a catch behind first ball! Given not out, off the trouser.

IT'S RAINING! Great news for England! And the players are heading off. 29/1. Trail by 413.