Run Out opportunity there, direct hit and Starc's out by miles but it skids on by, just the single from the Overton over, 296/6 (112)

A quick single from Marsh leaves Starc with 5 balls to face, can England tempt him into a big shot? No is the answer, the over is defended out, 297/6 (113)

300 up for the Aussies, 3 streaky singles off the Overton over, 300/6 (114)

Marsh looks to sweep and it balloons off his glove, over Bairstow and they'll take 3, a Starc inside edge brings him a couple, 5 from the over, 305/6 (115)

Skipper Root bringing himself on for the final over before tea

Big spin straight away from Root and beats Marsh's outside edge, gives him a single third ball and they'll have 3 balls to try and get Starc before tea

Starc survives and that'll be tea, just the one run from the final over, 306/6 (116)

So 35 overs in the session, Australia adding 97 runs and England taking 2 wickets so a fairly even session but Austrais will be happy with their position after being put in

I'm going to head off then, be sure to stay with us when we'll be back in 20 minutes for the evening session, I've been Chris Rolfe and thanks for following

Hello. Thomas Frost back for the 2nd session. We've resumed after tea.