Just that glorious Marsh 4 off the over. 317/7 Marsh 58 Cummins 0

It's not going to be one of those instances where you go bang, bang, bang and the tail is gone. England will have to be patient. Broad to Cummins.

Funny how sport can be psychological. Had England lost the toss and Australia batted you'd be quite content if you're England with this score, considering it's the Adelaide Oval but because we put them in England will feel disappointed.

Maiden. No short crap in that over. 317/7 Marsh 58 Cummins 0

Anderson to Marsh. Marsh plays and misses on the inside edge.

Marsh plays a drive slightly aerially, well short of cover however but encouraging for Anderson.

FOUR - Lovely square drive through point by Marsh. 4 off. 321/7 Marsh 62 Cummins 0

Broad to Cummins.

Cummins looking very comfortable.

Cummins tries a cheeky ramp over the slips. Misses. Maiden. 321/7 Marsh 62 Cummins 0