Buffalo Bills

New England Patriots



Hello one and all! We've an AFC East matchup today as the Patriots make the shortish trip to Buffalo to face the Bills

It's the top two in the division clashing in New York state - the Pats 9-2 are flying at the moment, Buffalo are 6-5. Could be a tough afternoon for New England though. They have won all their road games so far, but Buffalo have done well at home save for the blowout when the Saints visited I reckon the Pats by 7...

Let's bring you this afternoon's inactives NE: Cannon, Flowers, Hogan, Slater, Waddle, Gillislee, Reilly BUF: Benjamin, Glenn, McDermott, Miller, O'Leary, Tolbert, Wright

It's a 1pm ET/6pm GMT kickoff, so I'll be back closer to then

To any potential American readers following this on TV, it's only on Gamepass here in the UK, so my posts will be a tad behind

A blustery day, about 8c. Pats defer so they kick it off, Buffalo start their drive from their 28

Taylor's already got himself hurt in the tackle for Buffalo. 3rd and 1 here, they've managed to do enough to convert it, Webb making it

We're into NE territory here, McCoy getting down the left hand side from Buffalo's point of view for the first down.

Good opening drive from the Bills, McCoy picks up four and gets out of bound for another first down.

A fourth first down after a complete pass for a gain of 11, Buffalo are in the redzone here. At the 17, go up the middle to pick up seven, Clay on the end of a shovel pass