442 & 53/4




Good morning all. Thomas Frost here later than scheduled. I got it into my head I was doing the 3rd session not the 2nd! Well I am here now and England are going as pathetically as expected.

We're in the dinner break on day 3 and England require (in theory) 24 to avoid the follow on although it's not really the modern way to enforce it when the lead is 200-230. Although I'd enforce it if it was available. England would not want to come out and bat again tonight.

We're set for a resumption. Just seen the dismissals for the first time. Crikey some bang average shots! Lyon to bowl to Broad.

FOUR - Great shot. Overton dances down the track and hammers it straight. 224/8

Overton is England's highest scorer in the inning now. He's our number 9! Depressing stuff. 5 off. 224/8 Overton 40 Broad 1

Cummins to bowl to Broad.

Cummins predictably bowling short at Broad. Short leg, backward square leg, leg gully. Fended to short leg and caught by Bancroft one handed but off the body. 224/8

3 off. 227/8 - 16 to avoid the follow on Overton 41 Broad 3

Wicket! Broad gone.

Back of a length, Broad square up, tried to play it to leg against the turn, outside edge, caught by Paine. Poor shot. Broad gone for 3. Lyon's 3rd wicket. 227/9