442 & 53/4




Warner is hopping around out there. Fishing at things he doesn't need to. Mixed bag in line and length from Anderson. 3rd maiden on the trot for Anderson. 12/1 Warner 2 Khawaja 5

Warner goes for another iffy drive, Broad gets one to swing away. Play and a miss.

3 off. 15/1 Warner 2 Khawaja 7

Another mixed bag from Anderson. Mostly too short in that over. Another maiden but a poor over really. Need to bowl fuller. 15/1 Warner 2 Khawaja 7

4 off. 1 play and a miss in the over but comfortable over otherwise for Australia. 19/1 Warner 5 Khawaja 8

Khawaja turned into an S as Anderson has the away swinger going, hits the pad and deflects off the pad to Bairstow.

FOUR - Awful delivery, too straight, flicked fine by Warner.

Another not so good over from Jimmy. Too short. 5 off. 24/1 Warner 9 Khawaja 9

Jamie Overton into the attack as I now have to listen to Pietersen and Boycott on comms. Have England fans not suffered enough? FOUR - Full, controlled outside from Khawaja through the slips.

FOUR - Absolute pie from Overton. Way too short, Khawaja rocks back easily and pulls through square leg. Awful delivery. 8 off. 32/1 Warner 9 Khawaja 17