442 & 53/4




I'm watching this thinking why I am still watching this. Then I remember I'm an English sports fan so masochism is ingrained in me. Maiden. Harmless over. Piss easy for Australia this. 32/1 Warner 9 Khawaja 17

They keep showing Alison Mitchell up on the top of the stand on the harness. Wish they wouldn't.

Australia will be absolutely terrified as another 83-85mph plodder comes into the attack in Chris Woakes.

Too short from Woakes. More crap from him. Bowl it full for goodness sake man! 2 off. 34/1 Warner 9 Khawaja 19

Anderson to bowl the 8th of his spell.

Maiden as just the 1 leg bye off the over. Warner 9 off 42 balls. Slow going but doing what's needed for his team. England's batsman might want to think about doing that. 35/1 Warner 9 Khawaja 19

14 overs left tonight.

If it's not the length, it's the line. Poor over from Woakes again. 37/1 Warner 10 Khawaja 20

Anderson to bowl the 9th of his spell.

Around the wicket to Khawaja.