442 & 53/4




Anderson staying around the wicket to Smith. Interesting tactic.

1 off and a wicket. Good over from Anderson. He's really bowled his heart out tonight. Pity it's with the match already lost. 39/2 Warner 12 Smith 0

Woakes needs to come around the wicket. Not making Warner play enough from over the wicket.

Wicket! Warner gone.

Well what do I know? Woakes over the wicket, gets his line straighter, squares Warner up, outside edge, caught by Root at 2nd slip. Warner gone for a battling 14.

I've criticised Woakes and it's been fair criticism let's face it but that was an excellent delivery. Squared Warner up good and proper.

Peter Handscomb the new batsman. Handscomb and Smith batting together. Not one for the purists.

2 off and a wicket. Handscomb's 1st ball is mighty full as you'd hope, outside edge as he hangs back but well short of Cook at slip. 41/3 Smith 0 Handscomb 0

Wicket! Smith out lbw! Reviewed reluctantly. Looks out.

That's crashing into middle/leg. This is going to be out.