Judd Trump

Graeme Dott



Good afternoon and welcome to coverage of Round 3 of the UK Championships. The main TV match this afternoon is Judd Trump v Graeme Dott with Mark Williams and Ryan Day available on the BBC website, the red button or Eurosport Player. The other two matches are: Lyu Haotian v Marco Fu Liang Wenbo v Stephen Maguire I will keep you updated on those as well.

Interview with Graeme Dott to get us started who has been a bit under the radar recently. However I have always rated him and enjoyed watching him play. It will be tough against the World Number 2, Judd Trump as they play such different styles but that SHOULD make for a fascinating match.

JT 0 - 0 DG (0-0) Trump breaks off in frame one after all four players on the TV tables are introduced. Excellent safety from Dott when he is left in a bit of difficulty.

JT 8 - 0 DG (0-0) Trump hits a safety a little thick but leaves nothing on. Dott hits the bump of the bottom right corner but it looks like he got away with it as well. He did and Trump gets it back to baulk. Trump wins the safety battle with a long red and is on the black.

JT 25 - 0 DG (0-0) The chance didn't look easy but a few good positional shot later and the balls are in good positions. Reds and blacks so far... #147Alert

JT 85 - 0 DG (0-0) He has to go up for the blue when he plays on a red on the left hand cushion. The commentators had already said it would be hard to make one with the reds where they were.

JT 0 - 0 DG (1-0) He misses a red but still makes a 93 to take the frame. Much better than he was in the last round though.

Elsewhere: M Williams 26 – 1 Day (0-0) Liang 72 – 22 Maguire (0-0) Lyu 59 – 0 Fu (0-0)

JT 0 - 0 DG (1-0) Trump misses a long red this time leaving a chance of a double for Dott. He tries it but no luck. The red was left on but Trump again misses a long pot.

JT 5 - 8 DG (1-0) Trump is struggling with his long game now - a third one missed. He was poor in his last match with the long balls even though he won 6-0. Dott pots a red in-off another one and is on the pink. Attempts to go in the pack from the green, misses them and goes in off! Trump takes the red in baulk.