442-8d & 138

227 & 176-4



Morning/evening all. We've not been around today but we're here to take you through the rest of the night session in Adelaide

It's looking tough for England to avoid going 2-0 down, currently 97-3 chasing 354. Root is at the crease with 28 and Malan 1 after 36.4 overs

FOUR! That'll help from Root. Excellent off the back foot leg side

HAS HE GONE? He leaves the next one and that looks certain LBW. It is being reviewed... BUT IT'S MISSING! Over the wicket! Lyon doesn't have the big wicket but Root was daft not to play that in the first place

101-3 after 37 overs

Cummins bowling this over, bowlong very well but not drawing Malan into anything silly. Well navigated but Cummins has a maiden. 101-3

Just a single from Root off Lyon that over, Malan showing sone good footwork on the last delivery but the shot won't yield a run. Warner gives the ball a good shine. 102-3

Euuurgh, it did. This is why I never do BTM in the morning. 103-3

Cummins getting the length right this over, trying to squeeze down Malan. England remain on 103-3

FOUR! Root hit Lyon to the boundary. A lovely shot swept to legside. 107-3