Ronnie O'Sullivan

Michael White



Good afternoon and welcome to more coverage of the UK Championship. The main TV match is between Ronnie O'Sullivan and Michael White. You can also watch Yan Bingtao v John Higgins on the BBC red button, website and the Eurosport Player. The other two matches today are: Martin Gould v Hossein Vafaei Mark King v Luca Brecel As always, I will keep you updated on all of these as well.

It's O'Sullivan's 42nd birthday but as I am not his biggest fan, I hope White can cause an upset! Having said that, O'Sullivan has been in scintillating form so that may be difficult. White has won a tournament this year so is in good form himself.

I am also slightly annoyed with the choice of TV matches (as I wanted to watch King v Brecel) but I understand why O'Sullivan and Higgins have been chosen considering the rankings and who has left the competition already.

I am not surprised that O'Sullivan has a winning head to head against White but I am surprised they have only met twice.

The players are being introduced to the arena - Yan/Higgins first before the main table. Then Michael White and Ronnie O'Sullivan - love the walk on but surely they could have done "Happy Birthday" instead?

ROS 0 - 0 MW (0-0) O'Sullivan breaks off in this best of 11 frame match.

ROS 0 - 8 MW (0-0) Not the best safety shot as the red looked to rolling over the pocket but it pulled up short. That makes it harder for White as he decides to take it on. Well potted and is on the black

ROS 1 - 16 MW (0-0) He doesn't get into the cue ball as much as he would like when potting a black and then misses the next red. O'Sullivan has a red to get started but not the easiest for position. He goes up for the yellow and misses it.

ROS 1 - 16 MW (0-0) He does leave a pot on but not an easy one for White so he decides on a different red and misses. Nothing left on for O'Sullivan either. Excellent attacking safety from White to open up the reds.

ROS 1 - 16 MW (0-0) The reds are being spread about the table but a lot of them are running close to cushions. O'Sullivan plays a containing safety after a fantastic one from White. White tries a red into the right middle but misses. A cannon on the brown means everything is safe.