Evening all. @aidanleape here to take you through Celtic Anderlecht in the only way we here at BTM Towers know how. Let's get you rocking and rolling with some music

It's all pretty simple apparently. I thought I'd need my abacus tonight. Celtic only have to avoid defeat by more than three goals to progress to the Europa League. Simples. Right.

Teams then. Here's how that Celtic line up

Anderlecht announce their team news in a video, which really does have to be seen to be believed

Away we go then. Sort of doesn't need to be said that the atmosphere is all sorts of cliché inside Celtic Park. 0-0 (0)

BIG SAVE GORDON. All gone a bit quiet too. Onyekuru down the left flank. Lovely pull back to Kums, who strides onto it, free out in front about 10 yards out. You expect the net to be Raspberry Rippling, but Gorgon leaps across to get a foot on it, and it bounces clear. Warning. 0-0 (3)

Both teams still trying to get into this. Referee denies Sinclair the most obvious corner of the season. Anderlecht seeing more of the ball early, and look happy to stroke it around. 0-0 (6)

Don't want to scare you Celtic guys and girls, but Onyekuru looks absolutely unplayable tonight. He's turned in behind the defence on that left side on two or three occasions already. He looks happy running with the ball, and is shrugging off defenders with ease. Oh, and add to that he's being allowed to cut inside. 0-0 (9)

Not a classic this one. All a bit stodgy and midfield heavy. A bit like a dried up piece of bread and butter pudding in a Little Chef. This has one thing that a bread and butter pudding doesn't to be fair. Scott Brown. 0-0 (13)

Just had to cancel my recording of Holby City to watch this. As it stands, that's not really a decision I can justify. Celtic starting to see more of the ball, and, to be fair, I'm sure they don't care if I'm bored to death tonight. That'd be enough to get them into the Europa League after all. 0-0 (15)