John Higgins

Mark King



Good afternoon and welcome to further coverage of the UK Championships. It's Mark King v John Higgins in the last 16 today. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H). The other match - Stephen Maguire v Graeme Dott - is available on the red button, the BBC website and also the Eurosport Player. I will keep you updated on here as well with the score.

The players are being introduced to the crowd. Dott and Maguire on table 2 first and then King and Higgins on table 1.

JH 0 - 0 MK (0-0) The head to head between Higgins and King is 18-3 in Higgins' favour but this should be a good match as both are in good form at the moment. King breaks off in frame 1.

JH 4 - 0 MK (0-0) King plays a poor safety with a red sent up to the baulk area. The yellow doesn't come to his rescue and Higgins is straight in with a red and green.

JH 8 - 0 MK (0-0) The next red was tough but he gets on the green with an angle to split the pack. He doesn't go into them hard enough and has nothing on. Tough safety as well as stuck in the bunch and no touching ball called. He leaves a touching ball for King to hand him the safety advantage.

JH 8 - 1 MK (0-0) Higgins gets out of the snooker but the cue ball stays down the business end of the table to give King a chance of a break. He needs the long tackle but nice pot and is on the yellow. Or not as he misses it trying to force an angle.

JH 13 - 5 MK (0-0) King misses a red on the cushion and it also goes around the back of the bunch... back it goes. Next time, he gets the thin contact he wanted. Then Higgins misses the pack! King asks him to play from where it ended up. Higgins sinks a long red and is on the blue.

JH 25 - 5 MK (0-0) The break ends when Higgins nudges a red out of the way but ends up snookering himself on the pink. The black is on a cushion so not potable. He plays safe off the green.

JH 25 - 6 MK (0-0) King tries a double but had safety in mind which is good as he misses it. King flukes a red when he hits the pack and then rolls up behind the brown,

JH 38 - 6 MK (0-0) Not that is stops Higgins from potting a long red and is just about on the blue. He pots it from tight on the cushion. He is having to go around the table but lands perfectly on the reds.