Christmas Playlist



This is a nice little song – I only listen to Thea Gilmore at Christmas. That’s just the way it is, sorry.

OK, I’m bending the rules here. The Unthanks sing this as a New Year Song, but I nicked it for my Christmas playlist. So sue me.

Another one that is not strictly a Christmas song, but it does have a hymn like quality, and it’s got the words white and winter in it. Oh yes, another contender for Best Ever Christmas Song (sung by a bearded redneck lookalike).

Now for something you don’t hear every day – a neoclassical new age take on traditional carols. Yes, it’s the one and only Mannheim Steamroller. The name is a bit of an in-joke among musicologists, but I like the music so we’ll leave it at that.

Scotland’s most famous exponents of the one chord wonder have also got in on the Christmas act – here’s a bit of Mogwai for you. A welcome change from some of the tweeness of the traditional carols.

Infamous for their spat with Blur and adding a new definition to the dictionary as per this t-shirt. As Stuart Braithwaite said at the time “The thing about the shirt is it’s like a dictionary definition. Blur: Are Shite. It’s factual and if there’s any legal problems about it I’ll go to court as someone who has studied music so I can prove they are shite.”

As we all know, Christmas is the time of fights, divorce and general breakdowns. Here’s the Ramones take on this.

No list of mine would be complete without a Cocteau Twins track and, in their own inimitable style here they are with Frosty the Snowman.

Late rock superstar Greg Lake was not beyond pinching a bit of classical music for his own ends – in this case the sleigh ride (Troika) from Prokofiev’s Lt. Kije. Another one that’s been kind of mis-appropriated – the “dream of Christmas” being sold to all of us suckers as a protest against the whole sorry, commercial mess.

Here’s the original if you are at all interested.