The Apprentice



Hello. Caroline - @toongirl83 - back with you again for the latest episode of The Apprentice. Tonight the teams dabble in fashion but who will be leaving the boardroom tonight?

Last week, Bushra got the boot after a disastrous pitch in a catering task and Elizabeth survived again despite being in the bottom three for the third time

7 of the numpties left and just a couple of weeks to go. The teams arrive at Somerset House to meet Lord Sugar and his sidekicks. The teams have to act as fashion agents, pick a designer to represent, persuade a fashion magazine to feature them and put on a fashion show and sell to retailers. Most profit wins. Joanna is PM of Graphene, Michaela sub team leader

Jade is PM of Vitality, but she's not confident, leaning a lot on Sarah. Firstly the teams meet designers. The prices range from affordable up to £800. Jade wants to go for the expensive stuff, for the commission. Oh god. Elizabeth's flirting with scantily clad male models. "Work it, work it!" she barks.

Jade's gone for the expensive fashion range. Harrison's concerned, understandably. Some of the stuff's bloody awful. Joanna and James are thinking about something a bit more cheaper and environmentally friendly. Claude says they'll have to shift a lot of the stuff to make a profit.

Disaster for Vitality! They're using the wrong brand name for their magazine cover. Over at Graphene, their tagline is 'the fashion conscious with a conscience' - which is a shame because Elizabeth can't spell it.

Both teams do their photos for the magazine covers. Vitality's looks rather fierce, while Graphene's features James with a dodgy curtain haircut.

Here's James in action:

Next day, it's time for the fashion shows. Both teams have to set up their venues. Harrison describes their high-end collection as looking like: "space invader, or something from Dawn Of The Dead'. Jade meets a couple of reps of a women's magazine...and shes still got the brand name wrong. Karren smiles smugly when she's pulled up on it

Joanna and James meets a men's magazine. They're not impressed with her magazine cover. As usual she passes the buck onto the sub team. The women's magazine owners go with Jade's cover. Joanna's is rejected by the men's magazine.