Shaun Murphy

Ricky Walden



Good afternoon. Mel (@MissMelanie_H) back for more last 16 action from the UK Championship. The main TV match is Shaun Murphy v Ricky Walden but I will also keep you updated on Martin Gould v Xiao Guoddong. That is available on the BBC website or the Eurosport Player.

The winner of this match players Mark King who beat John Higgins in a decider last night. Shaun Murphy is one of the two top 16 players left (O'Sullivan is the other) which means that anything can happen. However I would expect Murphy to beat Walden.

The players are being introduced rather quicker than normal today! Anyway - Xiao and Gould first, followed by Walden and Murphy.

SM 0 - 0 RW (0-0) Walden breaks off the first frame of 11. Murphy tries a long red but misses it and the Walden does the same in to the opposite pocket.

SM 0 - 5 RW (0-0) Oooh - that was SO close to going in. The red is left over the pocket for Walden and he is on the green. He takes the red in baulk first.

SM 0 - 16 RW (0-0) Walden gets down to the other end of the table and pots the loose reds to start. He then misses a black of it's spot but was hampered cueing over a red by the cushion. Murphy misses the chance he was left to right centre.

SM 0 - 16 RW (0-0) Safety battle with two loose reds (both on cushions) and the rest bunched between the pink and black. Walden gets one red free.

SM 0 - 25 RW (0-0) Walden tries a red down the cushion and it comes back up the table almost potting the white. Thankfully it doesn't as the red would have been on. Walden ends up potting a long red to win the battle. He uses the blue to open the reds.

SM 13 - 26 RW (0-0) The next red was not easy but he is on the green once potted. He misses the green trying to get back to the next red. Murphy pots that red and can counter. He also tries to use the blue to open the reds up. Works better this time.

SM 51 - 26 RW (0-0) Murphy frees the red on the left side cushion to make sure that he can make a frame winning break. The last red is potted and he tries to put the green into an easier position from the blue. He then misses the yellow!