Ronnie O'Sullivan

Akani Songsermsawad



Good evening and welcome back to more UK Championship snooker. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) here to cover Ronnie O'Sullivan v Akani Songsermsawad as we find out the last two men in to the quarter-finals. The other match - Mark Joyce v Lyu Haotian - is available on the BBC website and also the Eurosport Player. I will keep you updated on that.

I promised an update from the afternoon session. Martin Gould beat Xiao Guoddong 6-4 in the end but it was a very close match all the way through.

On to tonight's match - O'Sullivan is one of the top 16 players left in the competition (Murphy having won earlier being the other) and starts tonight as favourite considering his form in the past month. My knowledge of Songsermsawad is limited as I don't think I have ever seen him play. However he beat Barry Hawkins 6-0 and Michael Holt 6-4 in previous rounds.

Now, I am not going to be typing out Songsermsawad all evening so I will go with Akani which is how he referred to on the BBC website. Apologies for any offense that may cause.

Players being introduced to the crowd. Joyce/Lyu first on table 2 before Akani and O'Sullivan on table 1.

ROS 0 - 0 AS (0-0) O'Sullivan breaks off in frame 1 of this best of 11 frame match. And I feel a lot less concerned now about calling him Akani as the graphics show him as that as well.

ROS 0 - 7 AS (0-0) Some aggressive safety from both players but O'Sullivan is left a long red which he misses. Akani takes the one in baulk and is on the pink which spreads the reds a little more.

ROS 0 - 26 AS (0-0) He goes for a long blue rather than the easy baulk colour and it is right in to the centre of the pocket. My first impression is that he is a very deliberate player (unlike his fellow Thai Un-Nooh) but confident in his potting abilities.

ROS 5 - 34 AS (0-0) He doesn't get through the ball as much as he would like but there is a possible plant on. Well potted. He is not great on the blue and ends up cannoning into the green and goes in off to boot. O'Sullivan misses the red he was left.

ROS 6 - 34 AS (0-0) Akani catches a red too thick with a safety shot leaving a red over the pocket. The black is tied up though. O'Sullivan pots the red but too thin so then plays safe off the green.