The Year That Was: Gaming in 2017



Hello, and welcome to this year's round-up on all things gaming. Due to the fact that I could possibly talk all year about games, I'm just going to stick to the main publishers, along with the main three console manufactures. I'm @a_buckmaster, and let's begin!

Xbox It was a massive year for Xbox, mostly due to the release of the Xbox One X - which is the most powerful console ever. Despite only being released a month ago, sales have been strong, and there is a growing list of 'enhanced' games - ranging from Fifa to Xbox 360 games - which support the X's features, allowing for 4k 60fps gaming! In terms of games, there hasn't been a lot of exclusives for the Xbox this year, which is poor, but this is likely to change into the next year - with Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves expected in the coming months. However, there were more Xbox 360 games added to the Xbox One, as well as the introduction of original Xbox games to the program, with a small handful being added recently. With the addition of new apps - like Spotify - and the Xbox Gamepass - imagine Netflix of games - the Xbox is getting stronger. Hopefully with more first party games added into the next year, the Xbox will be a great ecosystem to be part of. Especially with Microsoft allowing ideas like cross play - for example Minecraft with Nintendo, mobile, Windows 10 - and Play Anywhere.

Playstation With the PS4 Pro being released last year, this year, Playstation focused heavily on exclusives. Horizon Zero Dawn was a surprise hit that has become very popular among fans, while other exclusives - like Gran Turismo:Sport, Knack 2 - were also hits. However, similar to Xbox, Playstation seems to be lacking in some new exclusives, though more are expected in 2018, like the new Spiderman game. The console has also experienced updates to improve the PS4 experience. Firstly, the PSVR has experienced a slight update to improve the experience - along with the addition of some new, exclusive games. The PS4 interface has stayed the same, but more features have been added to increase the accessibility and use of the console. Unlike their competitors, Sony has been against cross-play with other consoles. They have blocked the idea for the new version of Minecraft, along with Rocket League, which is on PC, Xbox and Switch, along with the Playstation.

Nintendo After 5 years with the Wii U, Nintendo are back to commercial success with the Switch. The handheld-console hybrid has been met to rave reviews when it launched in March this year, due to it's multiuse design. The console has been assisted by Nintendo releasing a series of smash hit games. These include Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is seen as 2017's game of the year, along with ARMS, a boxing game similar to that found in Wii Sports, and Super Mario Oddessy - another GOTY contender. Other additions to the console from Nintendo include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - an improved version of the Wii U version of Mario Kart 8 - and 1 2 Switch. Other publishers have also decided to release on the Switch, despite not releasing on the Wii U. Games like Minecraft, Skyrim, DOOM, Fifa, WWE 2K, and Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle were put onto the console by other companies, and have all been successes for both Nintendo and others. However, the Switch isn't perfect. The online isn't perfect, and there is no apps for it, like Netflix, which would be perfect. Nintendo need to work on this, and create a another strong list of games that will come out onto the console next year to further increase the Switch's sale, which have nearly surpassed that of the Wii U already.

Activision Now onto the publishers, and Activision had another normal year. Destiny 2 was released, but players are unhappy with the lack of content in the game, especially with a DLC already released. COD went back to WW2, which was strongly received, but the game is not as strong in terms of gameplay when compared to previous CoDs. Its just another similar year for Activision.

Ubisoft Ubisoft has finally learnt how to make some good games, which bring in some good money and strong reviews. The new Assassins Creed was strongly received, with Ubi therefore delaying Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 to improve the quality of it. The Mario Rabbids game was a bizarre success, with a coupling that no one would of thought of before. Ubisoft are beginning to improve quality.

Bethesda With no new first party games from Bethesda - except for ANOTHER Skyrim version for the Switch, and Fallout 4, Skyrim, and Doom on VR - Bethesda Publishing has had a strong year. The release of Wolfenstein 2 was successful, repeating much of what was in the first game. Wolfenstein and DOOM were also announced for the Switch, before other Bethesda games will come onto the system. Next year should be a strong year for Bethesda, with the hope for a Fallout: New Vegas-esque game, please!

EA I left EA until last, but I'm not going to talk about the micro-transcations controversy that is surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront 2. EA, like Activision, has kept to the same, releasing repeats of games from last year - FIFA, UFC and Madden - but have some promise in some upcoming indie games. For EA to get out of its current state, it must begin to follow a Ubisoft-style approach, and not let money take over.

Anyway, that is all from 2017 in terms of gaming! Like tech, I could of spoken for days! I've been @a_buckmaster, good bye!