The Apprentice: Interviews



Hello. Caroline, aka @toongirl83 back again to bring you all the action from The Apprentice semi-finals. Its the interviews, and the first chance for us to find out the candidates' business plans. Which lucky two will make it through to the final on Sunday?

This is my favourite week. Always enjoy watching the candidates get torn apart by Lord Sugar's mates. And its good to see Claude back in his natural habitat in the interview room

So, the final five are Elizabeth, Joanna, Michaela, Sarah and the last man standing, James. Lord Sugar's let them have a lie-in. It's breakfast time when they get the dreaded phone call. They set about preparing their business plans. James' involves recruitment, Sarah's is confectionary based, and Mad Lizzie is a florist

They're at the Crosspoint building in London. They hand over their business plans to Claude and Karren like kids handing in homework.

The four interviewers are Claudine Collins, Mike Souter, Linda Plant and our own Claude. All very scary.

Elizabeth is up first, with Mike. Uh-oh, she's stumbling already, forgetting her words. She wants to make her florists nationwide, I think. Claude picks up on Joanna's fallouts with other candidates. He's amazed she's got this far. Her business is providing fashionable workwear for women. Claude rips it apart in two seconds.

Michaela's up next, facing Claudine. She admits she has problems with her confidence. Mike's now ripping Sarah's business plan apart. Nothing works, apparently. He shows her one of her products, and then two of her competitors products. They're exactly the same.

Claude tackles James. He wants to make £9m in just a few years. Claude tells him this is unachievable. Back to Michaela. Her business is a construction company, something she has no experience in. Michaela stands her ground, even when Linda criticises her idea. One nil to the candidates. Linda gets her own back by savaging Joanna instead.

Shock! James' company isn't registered. Get out of that one. Oh, he can't. Linda criticises Elizabeth's turnover, and then tells her that her idea of expanding her florist business is 'too simple.' Ouch.

Claude accuses Sarah of hanging back in the process and in her business. She started her confectionary business in 2009 and hasn't made enough progress, he says. In her application she described Lord Sugar as a lemon sherbet, for some reason. Elizabeth wants to re-start her interview with Linda. Linda says she's being too aggressive and needs to tone it down