PDC World Championships: Day Three



Day Three Fixtures/Results Preliminary Round: Brendan Dolan 2 - 0 Alan Ljubic Round One: Benito van de Pas 1 - 3 Steve West Mervyn King 2 - 3 Zoran Lerchbacher Robert Thornton 3 - 1 Brendan Dolan


Dolan (1) 1 - 0 (0) Ljubic Hold of throw for Dolan who in a tight leg hits a 140 followed by 133 to leave tops. Ljubic has an opportunity at 134 but misses T18 on the 2nd dart and Dolan cleans up the 40 on D10 after a dart missed at tops. Three legs on the bounce. Taking control now Dolan.

Dolan (1) 2 - 0 (0) Ljubic Oh great checkout from Dolan to break the throw. Ljubic leaves 36 and Dolan wants 104. First dart at T18 hits the single but it's no problem as the Irishman hits T18 and D16 with his remaining two arras. He's one away now.

And there's the match! Dolan cleans up the second set 3-0. Timely 140 and 180 in that leg and he takes out 76 on tops in 3 darts to book his place in the first round later this afternoon. Robert Thornton awaits. Brendan Dolan 2 - 0 Alan Ljubic

Time for round one proper to get underway for the day. Steve West being followed on to stage by 'Big Ben' Benito van de Pas.

van de Pas 0 - 1 West West takes the opening leg against the throw with a confident two-dart 100 checkout on tops. Excellent start for the underdog

van de Pas 0 - 2 West West holds in 15 darts. He hits the games first 180, and he needs it, to leave 78. van de Pas hits 140 to leave 20 but West is good enough to finish 78 on D12 at the second attempt after hitting T18

And there's the set!! van de Pas 0 - 3 West. Big Ben really struggling to get going and West has all the time in the world. Misses three darts at D18 and leaves D9. But Benito doesn't massively pressure the shot after a bounce out leaves him back on 125. West misses the first attempt at D9, steps back and composes himself to land it with the 2nd dart. Good set for him that.

And we're back again. West with the throw.

van de Pas (0) 1 - 0 (1) West Better from van de Pas, West dropping his level and that combines to allow van de Pas to get a leg on the board. Misses a dart at tops but can return for a second go, misses that but lands D10 to clean it up

van de Pas (0) 1 - 1 (1) West Break back! West always looked in control of that leg but van de Pas has a dart at D19 for a big 158 finish. When he misses though West comes back with 44 on tops to break straight back.