PDC World Championships: Day Three



Day Three Fixtures/Results Preliminary Round: Brendan Dolan 2 - 0 Alan Ljubic Round One: Benito van de Pas 1 - 3 Steve West Mervyn King 2 - 3 Zoran Lerchbacher Robert Thornton 3 - 1 Brendan Dolan


van de Pas (0) 1 - 2 (1) West And a hold now from West. Comfortable leg for the Englishman who lands a 180 and then has a dart at bull for a 164 before coming back to clean up 25 on D12.

Van de Pas (0) 2-2 (1) West Oh that's sensational from van de Pas! West leaves 40 after 12 darts for the set but Benito lands 122 on the bull to keep himself alive!

Van de Pas (0) 2 - 3 (1) West Second set goes to West but what a let off! He misses 3 darts at D12 to seal the set but van de Pas, on 49, hits 14 rather than 9 and can't find D16 with his last dart. West gets D12 to clean up the set. Van de Pas 0 - 2 West

My laptop has just had a fit. Over worked and under paid. The laptop, not me. Anyway, its 1-1 in the 3rd set. Both legs going with throw. van de Pas has the throw.

van de Pas (0) 2 - 1 (2) West Another hold in the third set. Van de Pas always in control on his throw and he takes out 68 on D4 at the second attempt to wrap it up.

van de Pas (0) 2 - 2 (2) West Hold! Both men hit 180s but it is the finishing which proves problematic. West misses two darts at D16 for an 82 finish but van de Pas can't find a treble to finish 97 and West eventually takes out 16 on D8 with his final dart. He's one away

van de Pas (0) 3 - 2 (2) West Wow! Stunning from van de Pas to keep the game alive. He wins the third set. West hits a 180 and then leaves tops as Benito is reeling from a bounce out. But needing 124 Big Ben hits the bullseye to stop West from winning the game. It's 1-2 in sets now.

van de Pas (1) 0 - 1 (2) West Hold! But there's drama. van de Pas misses tops for a 160 checkout but leaves 20. West needs 105 for the hold, hits T5 first dart but holds his nerve to take it out on tops with his final dart. Cracking game this.

van de Pas (1) 0 - 2 (2) West Break! And West is one away. Again. He misses tops this time but van de Pas isn't in position to punish that miss and West can take out D10 in his next visit to break and put himself on the brink.

Oh dear! Throwing to stay alive van de Pas scores 1 as his third dart knocks a dart out the board. I've seen it all now.