Strictly Come Dancing 2017: The Final



Ok guys. This is about to be the first time I've watched strictly all season and there's a massive city game going on so this could be a mess. However I will do my best to make this coverage interesting

I'm also running on next to no sleep. I need the toilet so I'm hoping I won't miss any of it

Right I'm back for the dramatic montage. I'm genuinely not totally sure who is still in the programme

And this is another montage. If there's one thing the BBC do well it's a montage. Their women's World Cup one still makes me cry

And this is some lovely dancing from the professionals. Gold sparkly dresses and impressive footwork. Very nice.

Some of the most forced smiles I've ever seen as well. So still in it are Alexandra Burke, Debbie McGee, Gemma Atkinson and joe McFadden?

I legitimately still don't know who the last two are sorry. Alexandra to win in my opinion. Will be nice for nostalgic reasons. This is going on a bit long kw but even I can tell they're quite good at dancing now

Tess and Claudia take the stage in an interesting red jumpsuit and a lovely black dress respectively

Ed Sheeran will be performing because why not.

So the judges scores don't count in the final. We know we don't trust public votes any more so that's fun