Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions



Hello Folks, welcome to Saturday Football, we've got a divisional match up between the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears, its a must win for the Lions if they want to make the playoffs

We're already underway and the Lions are facing a 3rd and 6, makes a great spin, almost trips before finding Eric Ebron for a big pick up over midfield, 19 yard gain

Just a small break so a Bears player can be taken away and into the concussion protocol, 1st and 10 at the Bears 37, handoff to Riddick who picks up 3 yards

2nd and 7, Stafford has plenty of time in the pocket and finds Riddick, gain of 4 3rd and 3, No one is open, feels the pressure and its knocked down by McPhee 4th and 3, Matt Prater on to attempt a 48 yarder, right down the middle and the Lions lead 3-0, 12:03 remaining in the 1st

Prater with the kick off, bounces short of the end zone, returned by Tarik Cohen but to the Bears 16

1st and 10, Trubisky gets the pass short to Jordan Howard and he hustles and picks up 10 and the first down 1st and 10, Trubisky finds Bellamy but no room and he's taken down at the 30, gain of 3 2nd and 7, The Bears go with Howard on the ground and good defence from the Bears, no gain

3rd and 7, Trubisky finds Wright over the middle but he's hit as he makes the catch and the ball pops loose, incomplete, Bears will punt 4th and 7, Agnew fields the punt, he's the number 1 returner in the league but has no room this time, bought down at the Lions 37 for a return of 7 yards

1st and 10, Stafford has to escape the pocket and he finds Jones on the sideline who makes a very good catch, gain of 12 1st and 10, Riddick takes it on the ground this time and goes to the right and picks up 4 2nd and 6, Stafford again comes under pressure, throws it away, flags out and its a hold on Robinson of the Lions, 10 yard penalty

2nd and 16, Stafford under plenty of pressure and this time the Bears get to him, Houston the man to bring him down, loss of 6 3rd and 22, Stafford gives the ball to Riddick on the ground, has plenty of running room but never going to get enough, flags down though, its on the Lions, declined by the Bears and the Lions will punt

4th and 10, Sam Jones punting for the Lions, theres contact on him but no flags, bounces at the 5 yard line and into the end zone, Bears will start from their 20