Kansas City Chiefs

LA Chargers



Hello folks, Chris Rolfe here and boy do we have a game for you tonight, the 7-6 Los Angeles Chargers face up against the 7-6 Kansas City Chiefs in an AFC West Battle Royal, the winner will take first place in the division and have their playoff destiny in their own hands

The Chiefs started off the year on fire, dismantling the Patriots in the first game of the year and start 5-0, since then theyve really struggled and won just 2 of their last 8 games

Its totally opposite for the Chargers, they started off 0-4, a series of heartbreaking last minute losses before they kick started their season and have won 7 of their last 9, thanks mainly to veteran QB Phillip Rivers and WR star Keenan Allen

This should be a fantastic match up, expect plenty of big players and plenty of points, I'm going to take the Chargers for the win today, they're on such a hot streak, it'll take an exceptional Chiefs performance to keep them under wraps

The Chiefs have won the toss and have deferred so they will kick off to the Chargers, sails out the back of the end zone and Phillip Rivers will come out to start at his own 25

1st and 10, Over the middle from Rivers to his TE Hunter Henry for 7 yards 2nd and 3, an end around to Travis Benjamin and he has enough for the first down and more, picks up 7 yards 1st and 10, Rivers has plenty of time in the pocket, the ball comes out of his hand funny and falls short of Keenan Allen

2nd and 10, Melvin Gordon with a powerful run, goes through a tackle and is bought down at the 49 for a Chargers first down 1st and 10, They go back to Gordon on the ground but he runs into a Chiefs wall, 1 yard gain 2nd and 9, Rivers rolls away to his right, looks for Allen, makes the catch but his toes are out of bounds

3rd and 9, Blitz comes and Murray comes straight through a huge gap and sacks Rivers, another poor opening drive for the Chargers, they've scored just 3 points on opening drives all year 4th and 18, Tyreek Hill fields the punt from Kaser at his own 17, he's immediately surrounded by Chargers and taken down after a 1 yard return

Alex Smith brings his Chief offense onto the field 1st and 10, Smith back to pass immediately, his pass is tipped at the line and Kareem Hunt can't make the catch 2nd and 10, Back to Hunt but on the ground this time, dodges one tackle but is surrounded and is taken down for a gain of 2 3rd and 8, Smith doesn't have anyone open so runs with it, comes up 3 yards short and the Chiefs will punt

4th and 8, Travis Benjamin takes the punt at his own 24, has a gap but its closed pretty quick by the Chiefs and his return is limited to 6 yards, theres a penalty against the Chargers for an illegal block in the back which sets them back to their own 20