Kansas City Chiefs

LA Chargers



A fantastic game for Kareem Hunt and Alex Smith but one to forget for Phillip Rivers, I'm going to shoot off as i'm covering the cricket shortly, thanks for following, I've been Chris Rolfe, night folks

Hand off to Gordon and that will be it, the clock goes to 0:00 and the Chiefs have beaten the Chargers 30-13 and are just 1 win away from wrapping up the AFC West

Gordon with back to back runs and picks up 9 yards between them to set up 3rd and 1 Up the middle on 3rd down for Gordon and he gets the yardage needed, Rivers throws incomplete on first and the clock stops with 7 seconds on it

The punt from Colquitt bounces out of bounds at the 8 yard line

1st and 10, West gets the handoff and picks up 4 yards and sure enough the Chargers are going to use their time outs despite being 3 scores down 2nd and 6, West gets the handoff again, loses a yard, Chargers use another time out 3rd and 8, West gets the ball again, jukes and weaves about but nowhere near the first down, Chargers use their final time out

3rd and 20, RIVERS IS PICKED OFF BY PETERS!!! The Chargers have had a real off day, thats a really poor pass from Rivers, behind Benjamin and its so easy for Peters and that should finish the game off

3rd and 10, Rivers finds Tyrrel Williams across the middle for the first down but theres a holding call against the Chargers which will cancel out that play and set them back 10 yards, that play also takes us to the 2 minute warning

1st and 10, Rivers gets the pass away to Williams, its incomplete but theres a pass interference penalty against the Chiefs which gives the Chargers 8 yards 1st and 10, Rivers goes deep looking for Benjamin, falls incomplete 2nd and 10, Rivers comes under pressure and has to get rid of it in a hurry to avoid the sack

Touchback on the kickoff 1st and 10, Gordon gets the handoff and pushes on for 6 yards 2nd and 4, Gordon gets the reception fro Rivers for 3 yards 3rd and 1, Gordon is stopped for no gain 4th and 1, Gordon gets the handoff and pushes ahead for 4 yards and the first down

Kareem Hunt gets the handoff and ploughs straight up the middle for the score, the kids having a big day, 206 scrimmage yard and 2 TD's, the Chiefs lead 30-13 as Butker adds the extra point