Kansas City Chiefs

LA Chargers



Low driven kick by Butker, fielded at the 3 and taken out to the 25 by King, theres a holding penalty on the Chargers and that takes them back to the 15

1st and 10, Gordon takes the handoff and is stopped for a gain of 4 2nd and 6, Rivers finds Allen for a gain of 11 1st and 10, They go back to Gordon and he picks up 7 yards on the ground 2nd and 3, back to Gordon again and he runs into a wall, no gain

3rd and 3, Rivers has to scramble and now goes with his legs for the first down, comes up a couple of years shirt but theres a penalty marker out, offsetting penalties so 3rd down will be replayed 3rd and 3, Rivers feels the heat from the Chiefs blitz but gets it out to Henry and he has enough for the first down, 7 yard gain

1st and 10, Rivers passing on first down, slightly under thrown to Allen but he comes back and makes a sliding catch, 12 yard gain and another first down 1st and 10, Rivers under pressure and he will go down, Chris Jones the defender to get to him, loss of 9

2nd and 19, Rivers under pressure again, gets it away towards Allen, under thrown and the wideout cant come back and get this one 3rd and 19, Rivers goes short to Gordon, he's faced with 3 defenders, shakes off two but cant get away from the third, gain of 9 but not enough for the first

4th and 9, Kaser on to punt again, Ekeler takes it at the 5 yard line but cant stop his momentum and steps on the goalline for a touchback

1st and 10, Hunt gets the handoff and runs into a wall, 2 yard gain, theres a penalty for holding on the Chargers, 5 yards from the end of the run 1st and 10, Hunt gets the ball again, spins out of a couple of tackles and picks up 7 2nd and 3, Smith goes to Kelce on a short pass and he's immediately met by a Charger, 1 yard gain

3rd and 2, TD CHIEFS!!!!!!!!

64 yarder to Tyreek Hill, the man is so so fast, he just outdoes the defender for pace, Smith goes deep and he makes a great catch and accelerates to the end zone, Butker adds the extra point and the Chiefs lead 10-0 with 6:30 remaining in the half

Butker with the kickoff and into the end zone and a touchback 1st and 10, Rivers looking for Williams and its very nearly picked off 2nd and 10, short pass out to Gordon, he's driving and shoving defenders off, big gain for the back, 21 yard pickup 1st and 10, pitch to Ekeler and he has a gap up the left side and picks up 13 yards