Kansas City Chiefs

LA Chargers



1st and 10, Rivers looking for the screen pass to Gordon put the back cant hold on to it 2nd and 10, RIVERS IS PICKED OFF BY MARCUS PETERS!!!! He tries to force the deep ball to Williams, poorly thrown, miscommunication, Peters has an easy pick and returns it 62 yards to the Chargers 6

1st and Goal, Hunt gets the ball and ploughs up the middle for 5 yards 2nd and Goal, flag before the snap, its a false star against the Chiefs, sets them back 5 yards 2nd and Goal, Smith rockets one in to Harris but he cant hold on under pressure 3rd and Goal, Smith rolls to the right , fires it in to Hunt who drops it, or did he? Andy Reid is challenging the call

Hunt bobbles the ball, regains it, the tip touches the ground and as he rolls over the ball bobbles in his hands slightly, I think they've got this call spot on

Confirmed as incomplete, good goalline stand by the Chargers and the Chiefs will have to settle for the field goal KICK IS GOOD!! 24 yards out for Butker and he pops it straight down the middle, Chiefs lead 20-13 with 28 seconds remaining in the 3rd quarter

1st and 10, Gordon with the handoff and picks up 2 yards which brings us to the end of the 3rd quarter 2nd and 8, Rivers finds Allen for 7 yards 3rd and 1, pass out short right to Ekeler, picks up the first down and LOSES THE BALL!!!! And its recovered by the Chiefs, a horrendous few minutes for the Chargers

The Chiefs returned it to the Chargers 41 however there was a personal foul against them so that sets them back 15 yards to their own 44

1st and 10, Smith finds Hunt for a 9 yard pickup 2nd and 1, back to Hunt but on the ground this time and he picks up 7 yards 1st and 10, Hunt gets it on the ground again, can only pick up 2 yards on this carry

2nd and 8, Smith will pass, he pulls it down short to Hunt, good tackling keeps him to a 1 yard gain 3rd and 7, Smith with an inaccurate pass but a great catch from Harris to haul it in, not enough for the first but makes the field goal attempt more manageable 4th and 3, Butker from 51 yards, KICK IS GOOD!! nice shape and safely between the posts, Chiefs lead 23-13

Butker once again booms the kick out of the back of the end zone and River and the Chargers offense will start from their own 25

Theres a false start penalty on the Chargers immediately which sets them back 5 yards 1st and 15, Rivers finds Allen to the left, gain of 8 and once again theres an injured Charger on the field so we'll have another time out