PDC World Darts Championship: Day 4



Good evening. James Leahy here, it’s day 4 of the world championships! We’ve had our afternoon session, now it’s time for the evening session!

Here are the matches for this evening.

Play gets underway in just over 10 minutes time.

UP FIRST! Brugier vs Cody Harris in a preliminary match, expecting a tight affair. Both players making their way to the stage.

Cody Harris to throw first... first to two sets... GAME ON!!

HOLD! Cody Harris with double 4 to hold his throw, edgy start by both to this one! Harris 1-0 Bruguier.

HOLD! 60 checkout for Bruguier to hold his throw, much better leg by both. Harris 1-1 Bruguier.

ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTYYYYY! First of the match to Harris!

TON OUT AND BREAK!! 112 checkout for Bruguier to break Harris’s Throw! Terrific from the American!! Harris 1-2 Bruguier.

BREAK! Harris gets tops to break straight back! Final leg decider in the first set! Harris 2-2 Bruguier