PDC World Darts Championship: Day 4



Ian White to throw first.... GAME ON!!

HOLD! 67 checkout for White to hold his throw in the opening leg of this match. White 1-0 Harris.

6 perfect darts for White....

Misses the T20.... Booooooo!!

BREAK! Double 4 for White to break the Harris Throw! 12 dart leg! White 2-0 Harris

OH YES! BREAK! 121 checkout from Harris to break straight back!! White 2-1 Harris

HOLD AND SET!! 67 checkout for White to take the opening set of the match! 102 averaged for diamond White! White 1-0 Harris (sets, first to 3)

Second set is underway!

BREAK! Double 16 for White to break Harris in the opening leg of the second set! White 1-0 Harris

Harris broke straight back. It’s now 1-1 in the second set.