The Apprentice Final 2017



Evening all ! Welcome to The Apprentice. @dralanwilson here with coverage of this year's final.

Just waiting for the SPOTY to finish before we can start coverage for real. Might be a few mins behind as I'm streaming this ...

Previously on The Apprentice a random bunch of over-achieving tossers who happened to be in the right place at the right time have managed to get their way to this prime time TV slot. But enough about Lord Sugar and the panel - who are the candidates?

Well, the best way to find out is to read Caroline's excellent coverage over the past several weeks here -

We'll be with you shortly ...

Advertorial for McMafia which looks quite interesting. Presumably The Godfather set in Selkirk or something ... couldn't quite figure out what was happening TBH,

OK, an annoying Welsh guy is introducing the show. What happened to Dara O'Briain?

Apparently this is not a holiday camp as we review the lowlights of the series so far. Seems the business plans were lavatory paper. Alpha males and females shouting at each other. We're down to the final two at last. Sarah and James slog it out for Lord Sugar's cash.

The fake alarm goes off and it's another early morning cold call from Alan. 6am at the Sky Garden. Get a wriggle on. Platitudes from the candidates, including failure is not an option. I prefer "We are not at home to Mr Fuck Up" personally.

Well done, yada yada. 20 Fenchurch St is home to some massive egos, er, companies. Sugar lays it on the line - I'm giving you all the losers from earlier on in the series as assistants.