The New Dad Blog - Week 5: It's The Most Sleepyful Time Of The Year



Yesterday we took Rosie to her first Christmas party at our local rugby club. An afternoon filled with games, food, music and kids running wild as the countdown the big day continues. We got her a new dress just for the occasion. She even had an oversized bow on her head for the first few minutes for the ‘awwww’ factor. She was all set to party. Except that she decided sleep was far more fun than anything else on offer. The music came blasting through the speakers...not a flinch. Balloons popped as kids rampaged round the room...barely even a flicker. Party games to join in with the able assistance of mum and dad...nah, I'll just keep quiet and shut my eyes. Even the appearance of Santa couldn't wake her. Her name is called to collect her first ever present from the bearded man in red...but mum has to drop her into his arms as she sleeps through the entire merriment. For two solid hours, she lay asleep, totally contented with the world around her. The only time she awoke was for a brief feed and a slight mumble to tell us she needed to be changed. But apart from those slight signs of life, absolute peace ensued. And you know what...I wouldn't want it any other way. She's been an absolute angel in terms of sleep so far. So many people told us to prepare to feel so tired that you would barely be able to string a sentence together by the time Coronation Street comes on the telly. Yet Rosie has had other plans. Since day 5, she's averaged 7 hours of straight sleep a night. Sometimes a little more. Rarely much less. We keep waiting for the sleepless nights to begin but they haven't (*touches all the wood I possibly can*) started as of yet. She just seems utterly content with the world around her. Imagine having that attitude to the world?! Oh to be 5 weeks old. No doubt I've put the kiss of death on her routine by putting this out into the world wide web and I'll be here next week to say that I want the old Rosie back. But for now I'll make the most of it and enjoy my night's rest. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year...and the sleep factor is playing a huge part in that!

On 13th November 2017, there was a brand new addition to the Graham household. This is the latest in a weekly blog series looking at the highs and lows of being a new dad. Welcome to The New Dad Blog: Week 5 where this week we took Rosie to her first Christmas party! To catch up on previous editions of The New Dad Blog, check out my profile here: