World Darts Championship



Smith leads 1 set to 0 Second Set - Zong 1:2 Smith Turning into quite a tussle here, as Zong improves on his start whilst Smith comes back to him a bit. Smith hits the 76 out to hold with Zong on his heels.

SMITH WINS 2 SETS TO 0! Second Set - Zong 1:3 Smith Great way to finish as Smith takes out 146! He can certainly challenge Pipe later on if he plays like that.

Well that was a good start to the evening - here are the stats:

Time to move on to another Smith, a slightly better known one, as Michael plays Steve Lennon. Players on stage, underway shortly...

First Set - Smith 0:1 Lennon Lennon has the throw in the first set, but Smith not messing around - maximum on the first visit! Doesn’t follow it up though, some poorer scores let Lennon in for the hold.

First Set - Smith 1:1 Lennon Another maximum for Smith, and this time he follows it up with decent scores, slows up a little towards the end of the leg, but an easy hold.

First Set - Smith 2:1 Lennon There’s the break, players quite even on the way down, but Smith takes the lead and will throw for the set.

First Set - Smith 3:1 Lennon Little slack from Smith, seemed a little casual when going for d14, but Lennon couldn’t hit 100, so Smith takes the first set.

Smith leads 1 set to 0 Second Set - Smith 1:0 Lennon Not too convincing from Smith in that first set, and he’s having the same issues here. Hits a 180, but then very average finishing. Gets away with it though - needed d1!

Smith leads 1 set to 0 Second Set - Smith 1:1 Lennon Straightforward from Lennon that time, holds to tie the set up.