World Darts Championship



Match level, 1 set all Third Set - Whitlock 1:1 Schindler After the previous leg daftness, Whitlock opens with a maximum. Schindler has the throw though, first to a finish, both miss chances, Whitlock finds himself needing d1 again - only needs one at it this time, breaks straight back.

Match level, 1 set all Third Set - Whitlock 2:1 Schindler Better from Whitlock, a nice, dull leg with a straightforward hold on d12.

Match level, 1 set all Third Set - Whitlock 2:2 Schindler Schindler with a reasonably comfortable hold as the match settles back into a more normal pattern - does seem to be a bit of a grind for both players though, and the averages are in the toilet after all the missed doubles.

Whitlock leads 2 sets to 1 Third Set - Whitlock 3:2 Schindler Looked to be a simple hold for Whitlock as he stayed ahead, but Schindler kept in touch and actually had a dart at bull for the set. Missed it, Whitlock held for the set and seemed to appreciate how important that leg was.

Whitlock leads 2 sets to 1 Fourth Set - Whitlock 1:0 Schindler That could be vital - Whitlock breaks at the start of the set, and starts the next leg with a maximum too - needs to stamp his authority on this to avoid a final set.

Whitlock leads 2 sets to 1 Fourth Set - Whitlock 2:0 Schindler Whitlock not firing on all cylinders, but does seem to have got a couple more working - decent scoring, finishing needs work but does enough to hold and move one leg away.

WHITLOCK WINS 3 SETS TO 1! Fourth Set - Whitlock 3:0 Schindler Looks like Schindler will get a leg in the set, but a score of 58 gives Whitlock an opening. After Schindler can’t finish 100, Whitlock hits 127, finishing on the bull, to give a nice ending to a bit of a grind of a match.

Stats for the match - nothing spectacular...

You can enjoy the 127 here though:

We’re straight into the final match of the night - Justin Pipe v Bernie Smith. Winner of this faces Taylor next. Smith did OK in the prelim earlier - let’s see how he does here...