PDC World Championships



ALCINAS WINS 3 SETS TO 1! Fourth Set - Reyes 2:3 Alcinas Impressive from Alcinas, three very good visits in the middle of the leg meant he could afford to be a little shaky on the doubles. Got there in the end though, and that was a very solid performance.

RICHARDSON WINS 3 SETS TO 0! Third Set - Huybrechts 0:3 Richardson Wow, another seed out, and a whitewash to boot. Superb from Richardson, another straightforward leg for him. On that form he’ll give anyone problems.

WEBSTER WINS 3 SETS TO 2! Fifth Set - Webster 3:0 Petersen A seed does survive! Webster looked better in that leg, kept his nose in front and finished with d4. Quite a workout for him, came through when it mattered though.

WRIGHT WINS 3 SETS TO 1! Fourth Set - Wright 3:0 Portela Wright finishes off the job, whitewash in that final set. Portela showed a lot of talent there, but Wright just kept on coming, and secures his spot in Round Two.