PDC World Championships



Alcinas leads 2 sets to 1 Fourth Set - Reyes 1:1 Alcinas Nice from Reyes, gets a handy lead on throw and then goes tops-tops to take out 80.

Alcinas leads 2 sets to 1 Fourth Set - Reyes 1:2 Alcinas Reyes starts the leg well against the throw, but fades quickly. Not much pressure on the Alcinas finish, neat finish on 64.

Alcinas leads 2 sets to 1 Fourth Set - Reyes 2:2 Alcinas This time it’s Reyes that gets well ahead, hits d20 to take us to the deciding leg in the set...

ALCINAS WINS 3 SETS TO 1! Fourth Set - Reyes 2:3 Alcinas Impressive from Alcinas, three very good visits in the middle of the leg meant he could afford to be a little shaky on the doubles. Got there in the end though, and that was a very solid performance.

So, one match, one seed out so far tonight. Reyes never really got going, Alcinas deserved the win. Stats:

Good start to the evening. Next up, Kim Huybrechts v James Richardson - back with that shortly.

First Set - Huybrechts 0:1 Richardson Here we go then, Richardson with the throw and gets a 180 on his second visit. Only needs one at d12 for the hold too. Good start.

First Set - Huybrechts 1:1 Richardson Huybrechts hits his first 180, but then makes a mess of the finish. Richardson can’t take advantage, Huybrechts eventually hits d4 for the leg.

First Set - Huybrechts 1:2 Richardson Nice cover shot from Richardson sets up d20, which he duly takes out. Looking the better player at this very early stage.

Richardson leads 1 set to 0 First Set - Huybrechts 1:3 Richardson Another seed on the ropes? Early days, but Huybrechts couldn’t hit d16 for the leg, heavy scoring from Richardson had put him in a good position and he takes the leg and set. It was his throw anyway, of course, so no overall break, but looks more comfortable than Huybrechts.