PDC World Championships



...and the final finish:

Wonder if the remaining seeds are worried? Next up, it’s Darren Webster v Devon Petersen - back with that shortly.

First Set - Webster 0:1 Petersen Third match of the night underway, Webster with the throw, but it’s Petersen that gets ahead, has the first chance at a finish, can’t quite hit 101, but does come back to get the early break.

First Set - Webster 1:1 Petersen Reversal of fortunes in that leg, Webster much better than in the first, breaks straight back on d4.

First Set - Webster 2:1 Petersen Webster holds with an 80 checkout, starting to look a little better.

Webster leads 1 set to 0 First Set - Webster 3:1 Petersen Webster got better as the set went on, Petersen actually slightly ahead on the averages, but Webster looks to have found his rhythm.

Webster leads 1 set to 0 Second Set - Webster 0:1 Petersen Petersen with the throw in this set, and holds the first leg, although Webster had his chance.

Webster leads 1 set to 0 Second Set - Webster 1:1 Petersen Webster looking very smooth for the most part, takes out 70 there to hold. Petersen doesn’t seem to be able to put good scores together consistently.

Webster leads 1 set to 0 Second Set - Webster 2:1 Petersen There’s the break that almost seemed inevitable. Webster started with a maximum, stayed ahead, Petersen made a great attempt at 128, but Webster did enough.

Webster leads 2 sets to 0 Second Set - Webster 3:1 Petersen Wonderful from Webster! In good nick anyway, but hits the 160 checkout to move into a two set lead, and its difficult to see Petersen coming back from here. A seed may survive the night!