PDC World Championships



WEBSTER WINS 3 SETS TO 2! Fifth Set - Webster 3:0 Petersen A seed does survive! Webster looked better in that leg, kept his nose in front and finished with d4. Quite a workout for him, came through when it mattered though.

Final stats:

Won’t bother with the messy end - enjoy the 160 out from earlier:

Final match of the night, and the first round, ahead. Back with Peter Wright v Diogo Portela shortly!

Peter Wright looking pretty healthy, and a picture in his Christmas outfit. Great entrances from both, think Portela wins the dance contest. Time for darts now though - Wright with the throw - game on!

First Set - Wright 0:1 Portela Break for Portela! Looked good on the way down, had first dibs at the finish, needed 80, missed d10 but kept cool to hit d7. Good start!

First Set - Wright 1:1 Portela That’s more like it from Wright as he breaks straight back, finishing on d8.

First Set - Wright 2:1 Portela Wright hasn’t really hit his stride yet, but takes out 101 to hold with Portela hovering not too far behind.

Wright leads 1 set to 0 First Set - Wright 3:1 Portela First maximum of the match goes to Wright, who’s then very close to hitting 121 out. Leaves 36, which he cleans up with his second dart.

Wright leads 1 set to 0 Second Set - Wright 0:1 Portela Portela hits his first maximum of the match, and he’s done OK so far. Both end up on 121, Portela first up, just misses the bull. Wright not so good, Portela holds with d4.