PDC World Championships: Round 2



Afternoon all. @aidanleape here to bring you the afternoon's action from the PDC World Darts Championship. It's time for us to delve into Round Two action, and I've got three games up my sleeve this afternoon for you. Think of it as my early Christmas gift to you. I know. I'm good to you.

Like I said, three pairs of players on the oche as we move to the best of seven format. In Order of Appearance it's: Gerwyn Price v Ian White Vincent van der Voort v Steve Beaton Jan Dekker v Dimitri Van den Bergh

So, Price v White then first up in a few minutes. Gerwyn got here by beating Ted Evetts 3-0 in Round 1, averaging a very impressive 101.5. Ian White beat Cody Harris 3-1 meanwhile, and averaged a tinkle shy of 97.

Oh, I should also say that the winner of this match will be losing to Michael Van Gerwen in Round 3. Anyway, these terribly cheesy walk ons are underway. There will be some tungsten in a numbered board quicker than you can say Merry Christmas.

Right. Off we go. Gerwen Price ha the darts to start the first leg. He's got a shirt with a six pack printed on, meaning we can't tell if he's hench as anything, or just a bit tubby.

Price 1 (0) - 0 (0) White: Price with the conspicuous 21 to start the game as darts start tumbling out of the board. Indeed, a few of his arrows have looked a little loose in the board early on. Price first to try and finish though from 102. Nails it with a double 14, and holds the darts impressively.

Price 1 (0) - 1 (0) White: My mum "That old bloke looks a bit odd with all those earings", surely the most daming of comments about Ian White. Anyway, he needs 100 to take the second leg. Goes for the two Double Tops to finish it. Misses it, but will come back after Price misses his dart at tops. No mistake on D10, and we're still with the throw at 1-1, First Leg.

Price 2 (0) - 1 (0) White: Break chance for White then. He'll go for 91 after Price hits a 180 to pressurise it. For some reason he basically runs across stage after hitting it. Anyway, it was worth it, because the pressure paid. White misses bull. Price hits tops. Still on serve.

Price 2 (0) - 2 (0) White: I'm not sure about this Price character. He keeps turning off to camera and chuntering at himself every time the last dart goes into the board. It's like a scarily aggressive and homoerotic version of Miranda. Enough of that though as Ian White checks out his 85 to take the first set all the way to a 5th leg. Price will have the throw, and White begins with 22...

Price (1) - (0) White: Price will have the first darts at this first set. He's going from 114, and he has six darts to hit them. ONLY NEEDS 3. 114 checkout, and Gerwyn Price dances off that stage, fist pumping like one of those terrible 'ladz' at a nightclub, with the first set in his back pocket.