PDC World Championships: Round 2



Price (1) - (0) White: Back underway we go then. Remember it's first to four sets now that we've reached the second round. White with the darts in this, and that's good news for me. Because I have my hard earned dollar lumped on his head. 121 for White with 6 darts left. First three. HE BUSTS IT. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Price needs 90 for the steal. Just misses bull.

Price 1 (1) - 0 (0) White: Muchos tension here. White had 6 from 121, he can't even get a dart at the double from 70 odd. Price has 25 left, slaps it in the double. Smug grin all over his face. Price has the early break. Quite extraordinary that.

Oh. I've been doing the score the wrong way round. Banter. Didn't matter in the first set though. Just ignore me. Sets at the start. Legs in brackets. We know where we stand. WHITE FROM 151. BINGO. BREAK BACK OUT OF NOWHERE. Price 1 (1) - 0 (1) White

Price 1 (1) - 0 (2) White: White looking to follow 151 with 160. First two darts ARE IN. DOUBLE TOP. Missed. He'll come back for Double 10 though. Missed the first. Bob in the middle with the second. Better stuff from the 17th seed.

Price 1 (2) - 0 (2) White: This leg is low scoring. And boring. So we're all chanting Vincent Van Der Voort's name. Can't blame them. Price holds his throw in that leg. White was about 499 behind or something I think. Never in the running. It's another 1 leg shootout for the second set.

Price 2 (0) - 0 (0) White: Price is 5 darts into the perfect leg, but just drags the 6th. 6 darts from 85 to double his lead then. Double 10 for Price. BINGO. Won against the throw. Price really in the box seat. And looking very pumped up. I wouldn't call him tubby to his face any more, put it that way.

I specifically deposited money into my bank account to include Ian White in my accumulator this afternoon, and he's defected to being 2-0 down in double quick time.

Price 2 (0) - 0 (0) White: Into the third set we go. Price has the buggering darts too in this set. Sodding Nora.

Price 2 (0) - 0 (1) White: Didn't matter about the darts. White is first to the double, but pulls the Double Top. He'll still have three at D10. Well. He's got to 20, by hitting 6, Double 7. Unconventional, but Ian won't care. It's a first leg break.

Price 2 (1) - 0 (1) White: Whenever Gerwyn Price does anything good, like just hitting a 180, he turns to the crowd and almost air headbutts them. I don't really get it. Anyway, 64 for another airbut. Yes there will be. Double Top is hit, and it's the break straight back. Close game this one. As if you hadn't already noticed.