PDC World Championships: Round 2



Price 3 (1) - 1 (1) White: Double 20s for White for the regulation, yet boring, hold of throw.

Price 3 (2) - 1 (1) White: Should be another regulation hold for Gerwyn Price. It is. 86 finish for the 15 darter. He's a leg away from Round 3.

Ian White has 65 then. Hit the bull instead of the outer. Only gets a single dart at double 4 as a result, which he misses. 97 for Gerwyn Price. Good start, and he has two at tops. First dart is trash. Second dart. RIGHT AT IT. Gerwyn Price is through to Round 3, he's beaten Ian White 4-1.

Good stuff from Price. A little too much fist pumping at times, and you can see his gameplan involves slowing down the other player, which I don't like, but I'm probably just bitter because he lost me my bet. In Round 3 he'll play either James Wilson, or more likely Michael Van Gerwen. The Welshman will have to improve some if he does come up against the seed numero uno.

Paul Chapman

Michael van Gerwyn Price is the stuff of nightmares...


Oh god. I hadn't even thought of that. Whatever happens, I'm mowing the lawn that day. Not setting myself up for that confusion.

Sorry. I went for Strawberry Milk. But I'm back in time for the ring walks or whatever they are called for the second match of the afternoon. 'Fan's Favourite' as he has to be called, Vincent van der Voort against 25th seeded Steve Beaton. This could be tastier that a Christmas dinner.

How did this lot get here then. Well, van der Voort has already felled a seed, knocking out Dave Chisnall in straight sets. Steve Beaton beat William O'Connor 3-1. But you already knew that. Beaton first to the oche. GAME ON.

Van der Voort 0 (1) - 0 (0) Beaton Already the pace of this one is up a notch. Which we all like. Van der Voort from 129. BLIMEY CHARLIE. Single 19, Treble 20, BULL. 12 darter. STORMER. Vincent already has a break.

Van der Voort 0 (2) - 0 (0) Beaton I can't type quick enough for Van der Voort. From 130 he has 6 darts. Decides to set himself up. Checks out the 32. eventually on the Double 8. By the time I press send on this, the first set will probably be over...

Van der Voort 1 (0) - 0 (0) Beaton Vincent first to the doubles again. 66 for the first set. He's found the route (SEE WHAT I DID THERE) to Double 9, and he takes the first set in straight legs. Breathe everyone.

Van der Voort 1 (1) - 0 (0) Beaton I wasn't really paying attention, and now Vincent needs Double 12. Missed. Double 6. Missed. Double 3. Somehow, hit. He holds his throw to start Set 2. Steve Beaton still hasn't seen a dart at a double. BUT HE'S SIX INTO A NINE DARTER. SCENES.