PDC World Championships: Round 2



Van der Voort 1 (2) - 0 (0) Beaton: Beaton's sixth dart hit single 5. Dross. Van der Voort now hit's two maximums in a row. Beaton misses his first darts at doubles. Van der Voort from 41. Hits Double 8. Breaks. This sport is horrible.

Van der Voort 1 (2) - 0 (1) Beaton: Van der Voort getting the first look at a finish, but it's hard to check out from north of 150. Beaton from 102. Double 16 is IN, and Beaton is off the blocks, and has a break. Could be back in the set with that finish.

Van der Voort 2 (0) - 0 (0) Beaton: This is fantastic stuff so far. Vincent averaging around 104, Beaton at an absolute fraction under 100. Crowd thunderclapping away too. All action right now this. Beaton from 144. The two treble 20s are in, and the Double 12 is right on the wire. He comes back for it now though does Steve. And misses a whole hand. Van der Voort hit's double 2. Steal. 2-0 up

Van der Voort 2 (0) - 0 (0) Beaton: Set 3 is off and rocking then. Beaton with the darts, but you feel like he'll have to do something a bit special to get back into this. Vincent VdV has played superbly thus far.

Van der Voort 2 (0) - 0 (1) Beaton: That was a bit special. Beaton is the middlest of the middle when it comes to hitting Double 12, and he's off and away in Set 3.

Van der Voort 2 (1) - 0 (1) Beaton: Beaton first at the doubles to break here. He's minced 60 well and truly though. Hits tops with the first, then misses Doubles 10 and 5. VdV from 32 takes it through the tills by hitting D8. Break back. We're back as we were.

Van der Voort 2 (2) - 0 (1) Beaton: Two tonne checkouts left. Beaton can't take 160. Vincent from the dead on tonne. HITS THE TREBLE TO START. AND THE DOUBLE. Utter filth really. Made that look so so easy.

Van der Voort 2 (2) - 0 (2) Beaton: 143 from Vincent would have been disgusting. Fortunately for Beaton he hits 48. Beaton has 80. Bangs in the Treble 20, then two very wayward darts at double 10. Van der Voort is wayward too though, and Beaton gets back to hit Double 5. This third set is going the distance. Beaton has the darts.

Van der Voort 3 (0) - 0 (0) Beaton: Lots of Beaton in that last update. Soz about that. Anyway, this is a big leg you feel. 3-0 and 2-1 are obviously very different scorelines. That's how maths works. Against the darts, it's VdV who will have 3 darts from 57. TOPS FOR VINCENT. IT'S GOOD. He leads 3-0. Brilliant in the first two sets, and he's now won the big moment in this game.

Van der Voort 3 (1) - 0 (0) Beaton: Come on. That's not fair. I literally checked my Facebook, looked up, and then Van der Voort was hitting Double 16 to win the leg. He's too quick and too good.